The Aga Khan Library team is here to help you find relevant materials for research and teaching, access library resources, and resolve queries about your library account.

The reference service collaborates with teaching staff to ensure students can access course-specific resources for their coursework and research. Tailored reference and library research skills training is available to students and faculty.

Our librarians also carry out induction sessions for students as part of Orientation Week. We extend these to new staff, researchers and students during the academic year.

Our reference services operate on an ad-hoc basis, and you can access them in person or online. Librarians are available at the reference desk from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Coursework and Dissertation Assistance

Users can request a meeting with a librarian for individual in-depth research assistance sessions.

These sessions focus on specific research topics, and how the collections and resources of the Aga Khan Library can support you. The sessions also provide tools and information to help you manage research literature, avoid plagiarism and create bibliographies.

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Library Research Skills Workshops

In addition to individual reference sessions, our librarians deliver workshops on different topics during the year. These include citing and referencing, plagiarism and copyright, use of electronic resources, advanced information retrieval, and more.

Every year, we publish a calendar with the dates for these workshops. If you cannot attend a particular session, our librarians might be able to add new dates or arrange individual sessions with you. Please contact the reference desk to discuss your scheduling enquiries.

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Research and Subject Guides

Our research and subject guides are detailed documents that help you explore specific topics and collections of the Aga Khan Library.

The guides offer an overview of the materials available in our collection, and help you navigate them more efficiently.

Other librarians are free to reuse, copy and distribute our research and subject guides with the correct attribution.