Electronic Resources – Trials

The Aga Khan Library aims to extend its subscriptions to different types of electronic resources; in many cases, we will set up trials for new products to assess their suitability for our users.

These are the resources we are currently trialling:

Al Manhal Complete is the leading Arabic electronic information provider. It is the world’s only provider of Arabic full-text searchable databases of scholarly and scientific publications from the leading publishers and research institutes in the Middle East, Africa & Asia. 

Al Manhal Complete combines deep publishing and library expertise with best-in-class technology to enable efficient discovery and access to thousands of fully digitised books, journals, and theses.

Dar Almandumah is a dynamic and constantly evolving collection of databases that includes thousands of Arabic scholarly full-text publications in different Social and Humanities research fields.

Dar Almandumah is structured in six specialised thematic databases: education and social sciences, economy and management, Islamic and legal studies, Arab linguistics and literature, humanities, and theses and dissertations.

Muteferriqa is a primary source research portal containing 7 million pages of Ottoman Turkish printed books and periodicals, on which you can search and read in Ottoman, Turkish, and English; and make visual discoveries as well through image search. 

Muteferriqa contains an exceptionally rich collection of printed materials published in the Ottoman Empire from the 18th to mid-20th century.