M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries visit the Aga Khan Library

M25 members viewing the Quran exhibition

M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries visitthe Aga Khan Library The Aga Khan Library hosted members of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries on the 2nd of November. Eighteen librarians from leading academic libraries around London, including University College London, King’s College, Queen Mary University of London, Senate House and School of Advanced Studies, London School of Hygiene… Continue reading M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries visit the Aga Khan Library

al-Wafāʼ bi-Asmāʼ al-Nisāʼ

al-Wafāʼ bi-Asmāʼ al-Nisāʼ / الوفاء بأسماء النساء A 43 volume biographical dictionary on the lives of 9,328 female scholars. The long-awaited biographical dictionary of women hadith scholars was finally published in 43 volumes in January 2021. The author, Dr Akram Nadwi, mentioned in a book launch that he was urged to pause the project and… Continue reading al-Wafāʼ bi-Asmāʼ al-Nisāʼ

Ahl al-Bayt Library online

Ahl al-Bayt Library v.1 (2005)

Maktabat Ahl al-Bayt / مكتبة أهل البيت A single database with access to over 18,000 digital texts in Arabic and Persian. Maktabat Ahl al-Bayt (the Ahl al-Bayt Library) is a digital text database similar to al-Jāmiʿ al-Kabīr, al-Maktaba al-Shāmila and the AKU-ISMC’s KITAB Corpus that currently contains around 18,000 volumes in Arabic and Persian. The scope of this database broadly… Continue reading Ahl al-Bayt Library online