Aga Khan Library partners with Brill

Index Islamicus at Aga Khan Library

The Aga Khan Library and Brill have partnered to support the UK-based work on Index Islamicus. This major international bibliography indexes scholarly work on all aspects of Islamic and Muslim studies. Under the partnership, the Aga Khan Library is the new home for its UK-based indexers.

The Aga Khan Library will enable the continuation of the project by offering the new colleagues access to its extensive collections and state-of-the-art facilities. Since April 2023, the Aga Khan Library has been providing access to all of its print and online resources, as well as office space to support the work of four dedicated indexers. Currently, Index Islamicus includes almost 700,000 records from over 6,300 periodicals.

Dr Walid Ghali, Head Librarian at the Aga Khan Library, noted that: “The partnership with Brill is a new milestone for the Aga Khan Library. Index Islamicus provides an invaluable service to the field of Islamic studies by creating an accessible bibliography of publications in European languages on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world. The mandates of the Library and Index Islamicus align in offering a platform for scholars to generate new research on Islamic studies.”

Brill believes it has found the perfect partner in the Aga Khan Library, with its extensive collections and its excellent reputation as a knowledge institution. Nicolette van der Hoek, Sr. Acquisitions Editor at Brill said: “Brill is thrilled to partner with the Aga Khan Library. Our collaboration will allow our indexers access to much of the latest Middle East and Islamic studies research.” 

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 Aga Khan Library

 Aga Khan Library, London situated within the Aga Khan Centre at King’s Cross is a place for education, knowledge, cultural exchange and research into Muslim societies. The Library, and its parent organisations (the Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, AKU-ISMC) work to bridge the gap in understanding about the historical and current development of Muslim societies, their cultural productions, and Muslim diasporas worldwide.

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